Arkhangai (Mongolian: ????????, Arhangai; the back of the Khangai) is one of the 21 aimags of Mongolia. It is found somewhat west of the nation's middle, on the northern slants of the Khangai Mountains. The Arkhangai aimag is situated in the inside of the nation and outskirts to the accompanying different aimags: Bulgan (north east), Övörkhangai (south east), Bayankhongor (south), Zavkhan (west), and Khövsgöl (north west). The most elevated point is Kharlagtai Peak at 3,529 m (11,578 ft), while the least point is the range on the juncture of the Orkhon and Tamir waterways at 1,290 m (4,232 ft). The most surely understood mountain is the terminated volkano Khorgo, which is a piece of the Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park. Assemblages of water[edit] The waterways Chuluut, Khanui, and Tamir have their beginnings in the valleys of the Khangai Mountains. Together with some littler tributaries they all have a place with the watershed of the Selenge. The Orkhon additionally navigates the eastern end of the aimag for a short extend. The lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur is situated in the west. As indicated by a legend it was made when a monster took a vast shake and discarded it. Thinking back he saw a white surface and shouted in shock, "Look, a white lake!" The outcry has turned into the name of the lake. The stone wound up more distant toward the east and is called Taikhar Chuluu. The little lake Ögii Nuur is situated in the eastern piece of the aimag in the Sum of a similar name. History[edit] After the People's Revolution won in 1921 all through Mongolia changes in regulatory unit were made and the Tsetserleg Mandal Uul aimag was built up on the establishment of Sain Noyon Khan aimag. Arkhangai aimag was framed from parts of the Tsetserleg Mandal Uul aimag in 1931. Around then, the aimag had 35 wholes, 65,333 occupants in 22,285 family units, and 1,800,000 head of domesticated animals. The aimag focus Tsetserleg was built up at the site of the Zaya Khüree religious community, which had been first established in 1586. Population[edit] Arkhangai covers 55,313.82 km² (21,357 sq mi), and had 89,282 residents in Dec.31 2008,[1] in Dec. 31 2009 89,331[2] who live in 19 totals and 99 packs (subdistricts) Transportation[edit] There are at present no flights to Tsetserleg's air terminal. The Post Bus makes a trip day by day to Tsetserleg through Kharkhorin, leaving from Dragon Center in Ulaanbaatar at 8:00 am. The cost of a ticket is around 20,000 MNT. Little microbuses likewise head out every day to Tsetserleg, however are considerably less solid.