Khentii (Mongolian: ??????) is one of the 21 aimags (regions) of Mongolia, situated in the east of the nation. Its capital is Öndörkhaan. The aimag is named after the Khentii Mountains. It is best known as the origination and likely last resting spot of Temüjin (also called Genghis Khan.) The aimag fringes with Russia in the north. The neighboring aimags are Selenge in the northwest, Töv in the west, Govisümber in the southwest, Dornogovi in the south, Sükhbaatar in the southeast, and Dornod in the east. The outskirt to Töv is separated by the city of Baganuur, an authoritative exclave of Ulaanbaatar. The northwest of the aimag is secured by the eastern piece of the Khentii Mountains, towards the southeast the scene changes into the eastern Mongolian steppe fields. The mountain Burkhan Khaldun in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is viewed as holy, and thought to be the origination of Genghis Khan. South of Burkhan Khaldun the Kherlen River begins, which crosses the south of the aimag in eastern course after a bypass through Töv. Somewhat further east is the spring of the Onon River. The Balj-Onon National Park is situated in the upper east of the aimag.