Khovd (Mongolian: ????) is one of the 21 aimags (areas) of Mongolia, situated in the west of the nation. Its capital is additionally named Khovd. The Khovd region is roughly 1,580 km from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital. It takes its name from the Khovd River, which is situated in this territory. Population[] Khovd is recognized by its multi-social populace. It is home to more than 17 nationalities and ethnicities. Each of these gatherings has its own particular unmistakable conventional abiding and settlement example, dress and other social qualifications, scholarly, aesthetic, and melodic customs. Climate[edit] Khovd is famous for its unforgiving climate cycles, as temperatures frequently reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and as low as ?30 degrees Celsius (?22 degrees Fahrenheit). The atmosphere is dry, as it gets a similar normal precipitation of Phoenix, Arizona every year. Rivers[] The real waterway are Hovd River Bulgan River Buyant River Hoid tsenher River Dund tsenher River Uench River Bodonch River Lakes[] Khar-Us Nuur Khar Nuur Dörgön Nuur Tsetseg lake Mountains[] Altai Mountains Jargalant hairhan Bumbat hairhan Baatar hairhan Monkhhairhan Baitag bogd Transportation[edit] The Khovd Airport (HVD/ZMKD) has two runways, one of which is cleared, and gets served by customary flights from and to Ulaanbaatar, Mörön, and Bulgan.But arranged of flight to Ürümqi city of Xingjiang. Economy[] The locale around the Khovd city is acclaimed in Mongolia for its watermelon trim. There is a sizable hydroelectric dambuilding venture in progress that will hypothetically create enough power to control the three most western aimags (Uvs, Bayan-Ölgii, and Khovd). The city of Khovd is associated with the Russian power lattice and subject to power outages on the off chance that it falls behind in its installments. Residential and global tourism and games chasing have dependably been a sizable industry of Khovd territory with normal magnificence, for example, new and salt water lakes, snow-topped mountains, green valleys and gives in and also old shake sketches and strongholds being the principle touring attractions. Creature crowding is the principle economy of this territory.