Khövsgöl (Mongolian: ???????) is the northernmost of the 21 aimags (regions) of Mongolia. The name is gotten from Lake Khövsgöl. Geology and History[] Lake Khövsgöl The Aimag is to a great extent uneven. The south and southwest are commanded by the round-topped Tarvagatai, Bulnain and Erchim sub-scopes of the Khangai massif. The zones west and north of Lake Khövsgöl are shaped by the elevated Khoridol Saridag, Ulaan Taiga, and Mönkh Saridag mountains. The inside and east are less rugged, yet at the same time bumpy. Inside Mongolia, the district is outstanding for its characteristic excellence, and Lake Khövsgöl is one of the nation's significant vacation spots. The biggest woods territories of Mongolia are situated around and toward the north of the lake, augmenting the south-siberian Taiga. The aimag was established in 1931. Khatgal was the managerial focus until 1933, since when it has been Mörön.