Darkhan Uul

Darkhan-Uul (Mongolian: ??????-???, actually Sacred Mountain) is one of the 21 aimags (areas) of Mongolia. It is situated in the north of the nation. The city Darkhan was established on October 17, 1961, as a moment modern focus to diminish the relocation weight on the capital Ulaanbaatar. To do as such, the current entirety (area) of a similar name was broken down, and its region overseen by the city experts. The Darkhan-Uul aimag with its four aggregate was cut out of the Selenge aimag in 1994. Economy[edit] Darkhan is the second biggest mechanical focal point of Mongolia. Darkhan Metallurgical Plant is the one of the biggest. There is additionally ThermoPower Plant in Darkhan that has limit of 48Mw/h. The aimag essentially serves to bolster the city. Transport[edit] Darkhan is the point where the side line to Erdenet forks off the primary line of the Trans-Mongolian Railway. Agriculture[edit] Darkhan Uul Aimag is arranged in the farming heartland of Mongolia and it is the major agrarian maker in Mongolia with rich assets for rural improvement. This range, situated at a low level of elevation, has a hotter atmosphere than whatever remains of the nation. In the Kharaa River bowl there are positive characteristic climatic conditions for the development of grains, vegetables, and particularly potatoes. There are 35 farming organizations and co-agents in Darkhan Uul Aimag. This range contains 30,000 hectares of soil appropriate for arable cultivating and 1287.8 thousand hectares for vegetable cultivating. Notwithstanding the advancement of the urban economy, nearby individuals keep on keeping domesticated animals. There are roughly 130,000 head of animals in the territory.