Dundgovi (Mongolian: ????????, Middle Gobi) is one of the 21 aimags (territories) of Mongolia. It is situated in the south of the nation, around 245 kilometers (152 mi) south of Ulaanbaatar. Its capital is Mandalgovi. Dundgovi area is arranged in the south of the nation around 240 kilometers or 150 miles from capital city Ulaanbaatar. It comprises to a great extent of semi-bone-dry steppe and low slopes. Temperatures in the mid year may best 32 °C or 90 °F, while winter temperatures may plunge beneath ?30 °C or ?22 °F. Precipitation is rare, and air stickiness is low. Occasional climatic issues incorporate spring dust storms and winter zud. Transportation[] There is no business air transport to the Dundgobi area. Open transportation incorporates transport however large portions of the more provincial wholes are not on the mass transport lines. Much travel is done by means of mikrs (small scale transport or Russian furgon) or by private jeeps. The capital, Mandalgovi, is associated with Ulaanbaatar by a 300 km cleared street finished in 2013.[1] Numerous local people possess 250 cc cruisers, which they use as their primary method of transportation. Neighborhood Economy[] The area's principle industry is creature cultivation and domesticated animals items, (for example, fleece, cashmere). The Dundgobi area is additionally noted among Mongolian local people for its airag (matured stallion drain), a conventional Mongolian mixed drink.