Gobi Altai

Govi-Altai (Mongolian: ????-?????, Gobi-Altai) is one of the 21 aimags (regions) of Mongolia. The territory is situated in the west of the nation and is home to Salkhin Sandag NGO, which attempts to ensure its primary water source, the Zavkhan River. Transportation[] The Altai Airport (LTI/ZMAT) has one cleared runway and is served by standard flights to Arvaikheer, Bayankhongor and Ulaanbaatar. The fresh introduction/flight building was opened to general society in 2013. Authoritative subdivision[] Aggregates of Govi-Altai The capital Altai is geologically situated in Yesönbulag aggregate, and not to be mistaken for the Altai entirety in the south of the aimag.